Joints are parts of our skeleton where two or more bones meet. Also known as articulations or articular surfaces, these connecting points allow us all sorts of movement, such as walking, running, sitting, bending, turning, and handling objects.

A lot of us tend to take our joints for granted. Sometimes, the only time we pay attention to these parts of our body is when we begin to feel pain in them. Pain is almost always a sign of joint dysfunction. What is joint dysfunction, you may ask. As its name indicates, it’s a condition where the articulation, or at least part of it, stops working normally. This can make movement mildly uncomfortable or outright excruciating. What causes joint dysfunction? Though there are several reasons why this could happen, here are six of the most common.  


 Joint overuse is a common injury among athletes and active people. Sometimes, we’re so focused on pushing our bodies to the limit. But if you’re overstraining or using the wrong sports or training techniques, your joints will take the hit. 


 While too much use can be hard on your joints, so does underuse. This type of joint dysfunction is typical among desk workers and sedentary people. The lack of movement weakens parts of the lower body, such as the hips and knees. 


 Do you watch comedy TV or movies with older characters? Then you’d know that creaky bones and movement limitations are often played for laughs. But it’s a fact of life that your joints get worn down as you age. It’s a natural phenomenon that you can only slow down. 


 Accidents can happen. If they happen to you, you could come out of it with a traumatic injury. Sudden and quick movements, overstretching, pressure, and jamming can damage your tendons, ligaments, or the whole joint.  


 Sometimes, a surgical operation is necessary to treat a joint injury. Such treatments are generally safe. But there are cases where surgery to the joints can lead to nerve damage. This can mean limited or painful movement, weakness, and hypersensitivity. The good news is most cases of joint dysfunction can be relieved by joint manipulation. This treatment, offered by chiropractors and physiotherapists, can restore movement to the joints and minimize pain. Are you experiencing joint pain? Don’t let it hamper your daily routine. Schedule your Back N’Line appointment today.